Had been my buddy murdered by their internet bride?

Had been my buddy murdered by their internet bride?

As football fans prepare to journey to Ukraine for Euro 2012, Susannah Butter reveals the whole tale of the murdered Battersea businessman in a nation where life is low priced and corruption is rife

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They celebrated their first loved-one’s birthday at an idyllic Ukrainian restaurant surrounded by woodland 25 kilometers through the money Kiev.

It absolutely was February 16, 2008 and Barry Pring, then 47, along with his wife that is ukrainian Ganna, 29, could have had lots to get up on, having just invested a couple weeks together since conference on the web after which marrying 13 months prior to.

After supper, which are priced at ?65, the few left the restaurant, as well as the IT businessman from Battersea went to hail a cab in the deserted carriageway that is dual. As of this true point his wife stated she’d left a glove into the restaurant and went right straight right back inside to fetch it. As she re-emerged, she heard a huge bang.

From the darkness, a car or truck travelling at 80mph had struck Barry, flinging their human body throughout the road and killing him on effect. The automobile, considered to be a VW Jetta, failed to stop and contains never ever been found. Weiterlesen